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Staff Directory

James M. Cudahy, CAE
President and CEO—703.562.7676


Communications Department
Information on NIRI publications, research, advocacy, IR practice, certification, website and media queries

Matt Brusch

Vice President, Communications and Practice Information—703.562.7679

Ted Allen
Director, Regulatory Affairs and Practice Resources—703.562.7681  

Ariel Finno
Director, Research—703.562.7678  

Iman Hannon
Director, Certification—703.562.7688  

Al Rickard
Editor, IR Update—703.402.9713

Membership Department
Information on membership changes, transfers and cancellations, payment of membership dues, NIRI bookstore, Career Center and Chapter support

Michael C. McGough

Vice President, Marketing and Membership Development—703.562.7673

Robin Kite

Director, Chapter Services—703.562.7674

James Taube 
Manager, Membership & Marketing—703.562.7672

Simon Neubauer
Manager, Web and Digital Marketing -703.562.7671 

Professional Development Department
Information on seminar, webinar, symposia, Annual Conference, Senior Roundtable, hotel and travel, and sponsorship (including print and electronic advertising) 

Kirsten Young
Vice President, Professional Development—703.562.7680

Mike Hyatt
Manager, Professional Development—703.562.7684

Sharon Wall
Manager, Meeting Planning and Travel—703.562.7682

Finance and Administration
Information on financial transactions, membership dues and renewals

Carolyn Wheatley

Vice President, Finance & Administration—703.562.7685
Selita Sanders
AP/AR Accounting Clerk

Anita Joshi

Director, Technology & Database Management—703.562.7675