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regulatory positions

NIRI is committed to addressing and supporting the regulatory concerns of investor relations professionals - a particularly useful benefit in the current regulatory atmosphere.  This section provides an understanding of NIRI's positions regarding the important financial regulatory reform issues identified below.  To view NIRI's advocacy agenda in full, review NIRI's Financial Regulatory Reform Issues under Resources below. 

Reform Issues

Review NIRI's Financial Regulatory Reform Issues advocacy agenda in full.
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Ownership Transparency

NIRI is a proponent of a more timely, comprehensive public company ownership disclosure system.
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Proxy Access

In this section you will find NIRI's comment letter and other resources on proxy access reforms.
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Short Selling

In this section you will find NIRI's comment letters and other resources on Short Selling reforms.
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Latest News & Events

NYSE-NIRI Rulemaking Petition on Short-Position Disclosure (October 2015)
On October 7, 2015, the NYSE and NIRI submitted a rulemaking petition that asks the SEC to require institutional investment managers to provide periodic public disclosure of short-sale activities.

NIRI, Comment Letter on the SEC's "Pay vs. Performance" Rule (July 2015)
In this comment letter, NIRI urges the SEC to adopt a less prescriptive rule that provides more flexibility for public companies to report on the performance metrics they use to incentivize their senior executives.

Shareholder Communications Coalition, Letter on the SEC's Proxy Voting Roundtable (April 2015)
The Shareholder Communications Coalition, which includes NIRI, urges the SEC to modernize its outdated shareholder communications rules by eliminating the “objecting beneficial owner” (OBO) distinction and allowing companies to send proxy materials directly to their investors.

NIRI's Advocacy Ambassador Initiative
In December 2014, the Advocacy Committee of NIRI’s Board of Directors launched a new initiative to encourage NIRI chapters to create a new chapter officer position, the “advocacy ambassador.”

NIRI Commentary, "Shareholder Engagement Should Be a Two-Way Street," CFO Magazine (April 2014)
NIRI's CFO Magazine op-ed on why the outmoded U.S. proxy voting system imposes barriers that make it difficult for companies to engage directly with their investors, and suggestions for improvement.

NIRI Comment Letter on the SEC's Strategic Plan (March 2014)
On March 14, NIRI submitted comments on the SEC's draft Strategic Plan for 2014-2018. NIRI urged the SEC to address shareholder communications, ownership transparency, proxy advisors, and disclosure reform.

NIRI Comment Letter to the SEC on Pay Ratio Disclosure (October 2013)
On October 17, NIRI submitted a comment letter on the SEC's proposed pay ratio disclosure rule. NIRI is asking the SEC to narrow the scope of the employees covered by the rule and to allow companies to use existing data sources.

NIRI Testimony to the House Subcommittee on Capital Markets (June 2013)
NIRI has submitted testimony to the House Subcommittee on Capital Markets and Government Sponsored Enterprises. In this testimony, NIRI calls for greater oversight of proxy advisory firms and a modernization of shareholder communication rules.