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call for presentations

Demonstrate your thought leadership with the world's largest IR community
The 2016 NIRI Annual Conference will be held June 5 – 8 in San Diego, California and planning is well underway for an exciting and resource-filled event. This year the Conference will include general sessions, panel discussions and workshops providing actionable and interactive sessions focused on four educational tracks:
  • Marketing Outreach & Stakeholder Communications
  • Economics & Markets
  • Regulation/Governance/Compliance
  • Professional Development

The 2016 Annual Conference Call for Presentations submission process is open until November 30, 2015.

How to Submit

You may submit as many ideas or interested speakers as you wish – please use a separate form for each submission, completing all fields on the form to create a concise representation of your session idea. Submissions only will be accepted using this form.
Selection Criteria

The core principles of NIRI Professional Development promote world-class education that offers insightful content that advances the practice of investor relations, professional competencies, and the stature of IR professionals.

Ideal submissions succinctly demonstrate relevancy to IR practices, hot topics and forward looking ideas. Sessions representing multiple corporate practitioner views are typically the highest rated and most valued by attendees. Practitioner views may offer greater insight when supported with the aggregate experiences of counselors or providers who have addressed relevant challenges. Submissions will be reviewed by the Annual Conference Committee, a group of volunteer IR practitioners tasked with identifying timely and practice-relevant topics. To ensure continuous improvement and increasingly higher standards, the Committee follows a well-structured process of topic prioritization, submission evaluation, quality control checkpoints, and deliberative discussion.
Submission Sections
Please provide session details, including your full contact information, the proposed session title and a concise description. Ensure that the specific details provided are targeted to the intended audience.

Key Learning Objectives
Learning objectives identify behavioral outcomes attendees should learn from the session. (Hint: "After attending the session, attendees will be able to ..."). Also identify the challenge, why this topic is compelling and why now?

Target Audience
Identify the suggested targeted audience - for example, new to IR role, mid-career, or seasoned IRO. Note: approximately 60% of Conference attendees have less than 10 years in the IR profession.

Additional Considerations/Suggested Speakers
Provide information to assist in the review of the submitted session. Identify possible speakers/co-speakers/panelists to deliver the session (identify the target speakers, their desired expertise and the topics they will cover).
Tips for a Successful Submission
1.   Be brief, be brilliant
2.   Have a concise answer to 'Why Now?'
3.   Include practitioners on panels, practitioners like to hear from practitioners
4.   Complete entire submission form
5.   No product or service pitches
Acceptance Notification
Sessions are accepted at the discretion of the National Investor Relations Institute and its member-based peer groups and committees. The Committee will review the submissions in December 2015, with acceptance notifications issued in January 2016.
Terms and Conditions
The submitter agrees to the following terms and conditions when submitting a session idea:

1.   The presenter(s) identified in the submission have or will obtain rights to use intellectual property, thoughts, concepts, or reproductions provided with the submission and ultimately presented in any final form.
2.   NIRI conferences, seminars and webinars are platforms for respectful sharing of and deliberative discussion about leading ideas. Presenters agree to demonstrate thought leadership without promotion of products or services.
3.   Submitter may be contacted with regards to the submission to: verify information; expand on session topic or concept; or, consider session reformatting, combine with another session, or change speakers.
4.   Session is submitted with the permission of listed/suggested speakers.
5.   Hotel, travel, and other expenses are not covered – speakers are responsible for all related expenses.
6.   Sessions are accepted at the discretion of the National Investor Relations Institute and its member-based peer groups and committees.
Consider Submitting an idea for other NIRI Sessions
Session ideas and speakers submissions for all NIRI Professional Development events and webinars are accepted all year.
  • Annual Conference: The largest IR event in the world offering three days of education, networking and product and service discovery.
  • Seminar: One- to three-day events of less than 120 attendees focused on single topics, or multiple topics related to a function.
  • Symposia (industry-specific forums/small conferences): One- to two-day events structured for approximately 100 attendees.
  • Online Coursework: Skills development coursework available online and on demand.
  • Webinars: Single or multi-part one-hour sessions with audio and content delivery via a web presentation platform. These events often are available for replay for up to six months after the original delivery.

Please address inquiries to NIRI Professional Development .
Steps to Submit
1.   Read information on this page
2.   Understand terms and conditions
3.   Download Session Submission Preparation Form and develop session concepts
4.   Follow instructions to submit via email online only to
2016 Annual Conference
The 2016 Annual Conference submission process is open until Monday, November 30. The Conference is June 5 – 8 in San Diego, California.

Submissions for other NIRI educational events are accepted all year.