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IR Update

Investor Relations Update is NIRI's premier monthly magazine for members. Each month's issue contains informative articles on the latest IR developments, trends and best practices from today's thought leaders. Click on the images below to download entire issues from the last four months.  

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If you have questions about - or suggestions for - IR Update articles, please contact Al Rickard, Editor at, or (703) 402-9713. NIRI also welcomes news of your personnel moves for the "On the Move" department of IR Update.

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November 2015 Update Page

The Investor Relations Charter - Making History

IR Update, November 2015
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October 2015 Update Page

Maximizing Competitive Intelligence

IR Update, October 2015
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September 2015 Update Page

The Art of the Story

IR Update, September 2015
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August 2015 Update Page

IR in Motion... for the Long Term

IR Update, August 2015
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Latest News & Events

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