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Chapter Event Listings


NIRI Twin Cities - Getting Noticed as a Leader: Leveraging LinkedIn to Showcase Your Company & Career - September 4, 2014

 The career game has changed forever. LinkedIn has become a useful tool for showcasing who you are as a professional, a communicator, an
IRO, and a company leader. It's also a treasure trove for companies looking for the right strategic talent.

Today, companies and professionals must work together to draw attention to how they are changing – and the needle keeps moving in terms of how to effectively create social media career visibility and success.

Join us! Smooch Repovich Reynolds, noted executive search guru and management hiring coach, will bring her perspective to a fireside chat with Matt Sonefeldt, IRO of LinkedIn, to provide insights on:
• Leadership & Talent Acquisition ~ Corporate leaders' view  of using social media for business advancement & how social media can enable a company to be visible in the contest for  talent
• Brand Positioning ~ Short-term vs. long-term gains in positioning for individuals & companies in the hiring game
• Innovation ~ How to change the game in your favor & how to use LinkedIn and social media to help
• Transformation ~ Individual strategic brand development  methodologies

NIRI Virtual - Getting Noticed as a Leader - Leveraging LinkedIn to Showcase Your Company and Career – September 4, 2014

Whether you call yourself a millennial, a baby boomer or a Gen Xer, LinkedIn means being "naked" about showcasing who you are as a professional, as an IRO, as a company leader. It's also a treasure trove of potential talent for companies looking for the right strategic talent. Companies and professionals must walk together to showcase how they are changing and partner together-- and the needle keeps moving in terms of how to create social media career visibility and success. The career game has changed forever.

Learning Objectives:  After completing this program, participants will be able to:    
• Effectively use LinkedIn for managing work related content and create a powerful profile that demonstrates subject matter expertise.
• Ability to create and position their strategic brand within the LinkIn arena. 
• Increase business and personal contacts within LinkedIn and expand their business outreach capability.

NIRI Southwest Regional Conference – Mile High IR – September 7-9, 2014

Hosted by NIRI D*FW in collaboration with NIRI Rocky Mountain. We invite you to join us for the  2014 NIRI Southwest Regional Conference in Denver, Colorado. 

NIRI Kansas City - The New Digital Landscape – September 9, 2014

This topical session looks at a rapidly changing landscape and the emerging trends in multi-channel media and what this means for investor relations professionals.
Featured speaker: Sri Sritharan, Head of U.S. Client Services & Operations, Investis Inc.

Will the SEC now permitting the use of social media by listed companies effectively act as a catalyst for other markets? Research shows that use of digital media at companies is on the rise, so how should IROs make the best use of this additional source of information while, at the same time, not fall foul of its challenges and lose control of the message? How does the buy-side factor this into an investment proposition and how much is simply more noise? Our speaker will consider digital media from a number of perspectives and aim to bring to life a testing issue for IR.

What you will learn:
• What’s changed and why social matters to your investor relations strategy
• Digital best practices and trends: case studies
• What you can do to improve your own digital corporate communications and presence

RSVP:  Via email by September 4 to 

NIRI San Diego - Back to School September Social – September 9, 2014
Join your peers at Solana Beach, Beer Works for a wide selection of local craft beers, wine and appetizers.  Look for additional details coming to your inbox soon. 

NIRI Seattle - Straight From the SEC: Balancing Rules, Regs, and Reason – September 11, 2014

Come hear Alice Liu Jensen from the SEC in San Francisco, discuss current issues concerning new regulations, enforcement, and the SEC’s role in overseeing a fair and fluid financial marketplace.

Refreshments will be served and there will be plenty of time for spirited Q&A.

NIRI Boston - IROs: Earn Your Seat at the Table – September 15, 2014

Investor relations professionals are far more effective at their job when the senior management team and the board of directors include them on the strategic decision making process. This allows them to fully understand what is going on at the company and why. With this knowledge, an IRO can better communicate strategic messages to the investment community and it also improves their reputation and relationships with analysts. But how do you earn that trust?

At this session, attendees will hear from senior IROs that have earned management and the board’s respect and confidence by demonstrating a deep knowledge of the company’s business and industry and by providing valuable insight on potential reactions from The Street to material announcements. Key takeaways will include types of reports and other forms of communication that these IROs deliver to management and their boards of directors.  

NIRI San Francisco - Investor Activism - A Joint Meeting with CFA Society San Francisco – September 17, 2014

In partnership with the SF chapter of the National Investor Relations Institute (NIRI), is proud to announce the Investor Relations Series, designed to bring together both investors and IR practitioners by addressing topics of common interests.
The first meeting will focus on investor activism.  This meeting will be led by Jason Golz @ The Brunswick Group who will provide a behind-the-scenes look at eBay’s defense against Carl Icahn.  

NIRI Atlanta – Save the Date for the Fall Kickoff Event – September 19, 2014

Save the date to join your peers for networking and education.  The event will start at 7:30 A.M. at Southern Company, 30 Ivan Allen Jr. Blvd., Atlanta, Georgia.  Check the NIRI Atlanta website for additional information -

NIRI Chicago - IR Workshop: The Art + Science of IR – September 19, 2014

This year’s NIRI-Chicago IR Workshop offers nationally recognized speakers, timely topics and great takeaways. Join us for a mix of informative presentations, panel discussions and lively interactive sessions, plus ample time for networking and one-stop shopping in the Exhibitor Showcase – all on a single day and at a highly affordable price. We will discuss trends and best practices based on data and other “science,” with due credit to “art,” including the role of experience and expert advice in making judgment calls.

NIRI Capital Area - Mid-Term Elections: Impact of Public Policy/Politics on the Markets – September 23, 2014

Kickoff the 2014-2015 Season with rooftop cocktails and hors d’oeuvres with fellow IR Professionals. Following the reception, former Congressman Mark Kennedy, now professor and director of George Washington’s Graduate School of Political Management, will facilitate what’s sure to be a stimulating conversation, all in an open air setting surrounded by Washington’s monuments.

Mid-term election years tend to be turbulent for the public markets, adding another layer of complexity for IR professionals. With experience in business and politics, Kennedy has a unique viewpoint from which to share his thoughts on economic policy changes and the landscape for business following the mid-term elections. Plus, he’ll share an insider’s perspective on the workings of Congress.

NIRI Rocky Mountain - Teaching Executives How to be in Control and Get the Message Across – September 24, 2014

Join NIRI’s Rocky Mountain Chapter for our September social event and a special presentation: Teaching Executives How to be in Control and Get the Message Across.  Bring your entire communications team to join Virgil Scudder, often referred to as "The Dean of Media Trainers," for a discussion on the aesthetics and message development needed to tailor world class Investor Communications, CEO Communications, and Crisis Communications.  Virgil will outline principles of building and enhancing trust based on his experience coaching and counseling the heads of some of the world's largest corporations and government leaders.

NIRI New York - Speed Up or Slow Down - What's Driving Today's Capital Markets? – September 29, 2014

Every few years there is a drum beat claiming that the U.S. capital markets are broken and that certain market participants appear to profit excessively or unfairly from the system. But traders, banks, brokers, exchanges, asset managers, and individual investors are the engines of legitimate capital formation. This panel will help demystify current front page news and drive home what IRO’s need to know to navigate today’s markets.

Panel of Experts:

  • Richard Repetto, sell side analyst and principal at Sandler O'Neill and our moderator, will set a fair and balanced stage and describe today’s market players and their roles.
  • J.T. Farley, managing director of investor relations at ITG, a provider of execution services for traders, will share his views about what IR should know about the market – in your terms, no acronyms, no interpreter needed.
  • John Panichi, a managing director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, who has experience across all equity markets, will discuss how he works with the buy-side, and general trading trends including high frequency and ETFs.
  • Ronan Ryan, chief strategy officer at IEX, one of the market’s newest trading venues, will talk about alternatives to traditional equity markets.

NIRI Connecticut/Westchester – 2014-2015 Kickoff Event – September 30, 2014

Watch your inbox for additional information on the Chapter’s kickoff event of the 2014-2015 Program Season. 

NIRI Chicago – How to Manage Corporate Access More Effectively – October 8, 2014

It’s a perennial IR challenge: More investors want more time with senior management – while you’re faced with management’s dwindling availability and appetite for investor meetings. How can IROs be more effective in granting corporate access while targeting the right investors? IR service providers now offer innovative solutions to help IROs maximize their executives' time through the use of technology and new platforms. Learn what other IROs do to target potential investors as well as the latest techniques for managing corporate access more effectively.

NIRI St. Louis - Analysts as Panelists – October 10, 2014

Working effectively with both buy- and sell-side analysts is a key component of successful IR programs. But what’s the best way to communicate with analysts, and what do they want to hear from you? Join Sarah Akers of Wells Fargo Securities, Gary Taylor of Citibank, and John Meara of Argent Capital as they form an insightful panel of analysts.

NIRI St. Louis - Technology and Trading – November 20, 2014

When the opening bell sounds, what really happens to your stock? Join Anna Sakalis of NASDAQ OMX and Rich Barry of NYSE for a candid discussion around stock volatility, liquidity, dark pools, high-frequency trading, electronic platforms, flash crashes, and other phenomenon that influence how your company’s stock behaves in the market.

NIRI Chicago - Putting Together the Pieces: 2015 Outlook – December 9, 2014

So many factors could affect corporate profitability and investor decisions in 2015, including possible changes in Fed policy on inflation, interest rates and Treasury buyback programs; political instability in the Mideast, Ukraine and North Korea; emerging market growth rates; Congressional stalemates and the November elections.

What’s in store for the coming year? Our panel of experts will discuss these and other developing issues, as well as how they put together these puzzle pieces to arrive at their calendar year 2015 forecasts.