2018 NIRI Strategic Plan

For nearly 50 years, NIRI has worked to advance the professional practice of investor relations and enhance the credibility and prestige of practitioners. 

In September 2018, the NIRI Board of Directors approved a new Strategic Plan, which recognizes that NIRI must play a greater leadership role in championing and facilitating constructive capital markets engagement.

The NIRI Board also adopted an updated Mission Statement:
Through its collaborative community, NIRI advances engagement in the capital markets and drives best practices in corporate disclosures, governance and informed investing.

NIRI membership is now open to all investor relations professionals and those involved in accomplishing the goals of investor relations (such as the chief financial officer, treasurer, corporate communicator, corporate secretary, or a corporate governance professional) in a public company. 

NIRI membership also is open to employees at private companies and private equity firms who interact with investors or debt holders.

Read the full 2018 NIRI Strategic Plan:

 2018 NIRI Strategic Plan