Given the growing interest in ESG, developments in ESG practices, and the evolving role of IR professionals relative to ESG disclosures, NIRI plans to revise its ESG policy statement. Released by the NIRI Board of Directors in January 2019, the policy articulates NIRI’s views on non-financial disclosure regarding ESG (environmental, social, and governance) issues and provides guidance for IR practitioners.

The NIRI Board has appointed a committee to undertake a review and update of the ESG policy statement. To begin that process, NIRI members and others are invited to provide input to the committee for consideration.

Comments on the NIRI ESG Policy Statement should be provided in the Comments Box below. The deadline for input is February 18, 2022

NIRI also welcomes suggestions of materials that would be appropriate for the Sustainability Resources Library, which can be found by NIRI members at:

Suggestions for materials should be provided by email to Iman Hannon, NIRI’s Chief Credentialing and Governance Officer, at All suggested materials are also due by February 18, 2022

Comments/Questions/Suggestions for the ESG Policy Update Process

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