Employer & Recruiter FAQs

Do I have to be a NIRI member to post a position?

No. We'll accept any Investor Relations position that meets the rest of our guidelines.

What type of Investor Relations positions?

Anything from IR Associate/Coordinator to VP of IR and CFO, or Corporate Communication positions at a public company. IR Counselor and service provider firms also list positions in the Career Center.

Who will be viewing listings and posting resumes?

NIRI members, the most qualified and experienced investor relations professionals around. NIRI is the only investor relations association in the United States , and NIRI members must be practicing IR at the time of their application. You won't find a better concentration of IROs anywhere.

What does it cost to post a listing?

It is $350 to post a listing and view resumes for a 30-day period, for all employers and recruiters, including NIRI members. We suggest NIRI members ask their HR departments to post listings, as they usually have budget money set aside for advertising jobs online. We think your HR staff will find the NIRI rate reasonable when compared to other online options, as well as other alternatives.

How many words can my listing be?

As many as you want, and NIRI members appreciate as much information as possible. Required fields are marked with an asterisk. Since NIRI members have password-only access to the listings, don't be shy about supplying your company name. Make sure you include complete contact information, so applicants can submit resumes directly to you.

Do I have to be a NIRI member to view resumes the Resume Bank?

No. But you do have to post a job opening. Even NIRI members do not have the ability view other members' resumes without posting a job.

How do I sign up to post a job?

If you have never posted a job before, or if it has been six months since you posted a listing, click on First Time User and go through the three step process.

  • Register as an employer (contact info so NIRI staff can contact you if necessary)

  • Post job (make sure contact info indicates where you'd like the responses to go)

  • Proceed to Checkout (for job to post, credit card charge must be approved.)

I have posted a job, so how do I view resumes?

Click on the Career Center Menu button, and you'll be taken to the main Career Center screen, where you can view active resumes, change your contact information, and add or manage job listings.

I am having trouble posting my job or accessing resumes. What should I do?

Email the Career Center at jtaube@niri.org or call (703) 562-7672.