Date: 10/6/2021
Event start time: 1:00 PM
Event end time: 2:00 PM

Virtual IRC Lounge - ESG Beyond Investors

In this IRC Lounge session, Emily and Chris will lead guests in an engaging, candid and open discussion about how “non-investors” - management teams, board of directors, employees, customers and other key stakeholders - view and value ESG matters.  They will also discuss a few of the latest trends in ESG disclosure based on recent surveys and their own professional experiences.

  • Types of ESG engagement that are most common with respect to management, board, employees and customers : What are the key modes of communications to these audiences? Are the messages consitent accross ultiple audiences?
  •  View of Management : How does management typically get involved with ESG? How different functional areas view ESG?  
  • View of Board of Directors: What comes first, the chicken or the egg? Is the board leading or reacting? Describe the typical board involvement. What is next in boarad evolution on ESG?
  •  What are employees saying? Discuss trends, existing employees or prospective recruits. What is the experience of employee involvement in ESG?  
  • To what degree do customers follow ESG? How are they accessing information? Are they asking for ESG measures or policies in RFP or other contracts?
  • Emily Riley, IRC, Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Radian 
  • Chris Symanoskie, IRC, Vice President of Investor Relations, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 

IRC Credential Holders can earn one (1) Professional Development Unit (PDU) for attending this session.
Domain 9: IR Corporate Regulatory Compliance
Domain 10: IR Corporate Governance