Date: 10/6/2020
Event start time: 12:00 PM
Event end time: 4:00 PM
Category: Virtual
Price: Members - $295; Non-Members $345


This interactive half-day live virtual workshop will appeal to IR professionals of all levels. Learn how to create a compelling investor presentation and hold a successful investor day in the new era of virtual events. Capacity is limited, so reserve your seat early.

The 2X Challenge: Engaging a Virtual Audience

Investor audiences, at the best of times, have a limited attention span for company presentations. In this new virtual world, there is a 2X greater need to be clear, concise and on message. To effectively engage and hold your audience’s attention, virtual investor meetings require a different mindset and application of new best practices.

This workshop will provide you with actionable insights to achieve success in two key outreach components of an IR program:
  • Creating compelling and engaging investor presentations
  • Executing a successful virtual investor day

Learning Outline

  • In the first module, participants will learn and apply the six best practices for creating a compelling investor story. This includes numerous examples and discussion.
  • In the second module participants will move to breakout rooms. In this collaborative session each team will critique a presentation submitted by a brave participant – applying the six best practices.
  • In the third module participants will learn what makes a successful investor day. Here we will discuss proven best practices from over 100 company investor days, learn what works and pitfalls to avoid. Specific best practices for a virtual event will be covered.

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Who Should Attend  

This workshop is designed for a wide range of IROs but will be particularly beneficial to:
  • Companies with low valuations partly due to misunderstood or complex stories.
  • Companies in industries that tend to have complex stories – technology, healthcare, biotech and multi-segment businesses.
  • Companies with outreach programs strongly focused on attracting new investors.
  • Senior IROs and CFOs wanting to raise the level of their investor presentations to best in class and/or looking for fresh ideas.

What Previous Participants Say About This Workshop
“This was the most ‘spot on’ seminar I've been to in a long time. I liked the hands-on analysis and excellent ideas for improving my presentation”
Senior VP IR, large-cap industrial company
 “Insights were extremely valuable – will help make our story simpler and improve our IR messaging. Structure of effective IR presentations—very relevant to me”
CFO mid-cap technology company


David Fine

David Fine

Principal , Fine Communications Inc.

David Fine is the principal of Fine Communications Inc. - a boutique firm specializing in compelling investor presentations. Clients come from virtually every industry and range in size from small cap to Fortune 50 companies.

David brings over 25 years of senior investor relations and corporate communications experience as both a practitioner and consultant. Since founding his firm, David has been a frequent speaker on “Creating Best in Class Investor Presentations and Investor Days” at NIRI, The London Stock Exchange and NASDAQ. David has extensive experience in this area, having worked on hundreds of investor presentations and investor days.

David graduated from the University of Toronto with an MBA and lives in Toronto with his family.