Date: 12/6/2020
Event start time: 9:00 AM
Event end time: 5:00 PM
Category: Seminar
Price: Members - $999; Non-Members $1,199

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2020 NIRI Annual Conference
Pre-conference seminar

Learn the essentials of capital markets, corporate finance and accounting.  This course will give you the jargon and concepts you need to participate in financial discussions and enable you to engage with investors, analysts, the business media and the C-suite.


  • Investor Relations professionals who do not have a finance or capital markets background
  • Corporate communicators who would like to understand the language of the C-suite and the financial markets
  • Those starting a career in IR or media relations in a listed company environment


  • Understand the capital markets and how IR and corporate communications fit in
  • Grasp the essentials of economics
  • Appreciate the perspectives of investors, analysts and the financial media
  • Be able to identify the earnings release headlines and see which numbers matter
  • Familiarize yourself with financial jargon and improve your financial fluency so that you can participate fully at conference


Capital Markets
  • Overview of the capital markets
  • Debt and equity funding – understanding shares and bonds
  • The role of investment banks
  • Working within the regulations
  • The perspectives of your key financial audiences
  • FinanceTalking investment game round 1
Economics Essentials
  • The business cycle – growth, inflation, bubbles and crashes, impact of Government policy
  • Defensive versus cyclical companies
  • The impact of interest rates
  • Growth, income and value
  • FinanceTalking investment game round 2
Key Financial Audiences & their Perspectives
  • Understanding investors and investment styles
  • The role of the sell-side analyst
  • FinanceTalking investment game round 3
Working with Financial Information
  • Understanding the income statement
  • Identifying the numbers that matter
  • The difference between GAAP and non-GAAP numbers
  • Understanding headlines and key messages for earnings
  • FinanceTalking investment game round 4
Valuation Overview
  • Why value matters
  • What drives stock market values
  • Key issues for financial communications
  • Investment game conclusion
  • Bringing it all together and taking your knowledge forward


IRC® credential holders can earn up to 3 professional development units (PDUs). More information is available at


 NIRI Seminar Coronavirus Update

NIRI is monitoring the evolving coronavirus situation and will take necessary actions as events warrant. We are fully committed to taking appropriate precautions to provide a safe and healthy environment for attendees. We also encourage attendees to practice good health habits as recommended by the CDC. Due to the ongoing uncertainty regarding the coronavirus pandemic, NIRI will not charge a cancellation fee if you decide to not attend any in-person event based on concerns around your health or travel, including after any posted cancellation deadlines for the event. Our full cancellation policy is available here.


David Yates

David Yates

Partner, FinanceTalking, Ltd.

David joined FinanceTalking in 2009 after nearly thirty years in the City as a corporate lawyer, investment banker and financial PR specialist.

  • Qualified as a solicitor in 1982.  Joined Linklaters & Paines, specializing in capital markets and corporate law
  • Joined the corporate finance division of Robert Fleming, London based merchant bank, in 1984.  Spent three years on secondment with Jardine Fleming in Australia between 1987 and 1990.
  • Began his Financial PR career in 1995 with Gavin Anderson & Co.
  • Joined Financial Dynamics (FD) as a partner at the end of 1998 and commenced their coverage of the Life Sciences sector.
  • Retired from FD in March 2009 following sale of the company to FTI Technologies Inc. of the US.

During his financial PR career in the City, David built a reputation as one of the leading practitioners in London and acquired experience in all aspects of the financial markets, particularly M&A and IPOs.  Together with his experience in the law and the investment banking sector, he has an in-depth knowledge of the workings of the City, the roles that each of the institutions play in the markets and how business is covered by the media.