Date: 4/4/2017
Event start time: 5:30 PM
Event end time: 8:00 PM
Category: Chapter
Price: Members - $35; Non-Members - $45

The bedrock of the IR profession is sharing the corporate story with (ideally) high-quality, long-term investors. IROs deliver their message consistently through quarterly calls, non-deal roadshows, sell side conferences and more.  But how often do you think about the market for your shares? What about the explosive growth of passive investment? Blackrock and Vanguard now oversee a combined $9 trillion and use a passive investment strategy favoring models and algorithms, not corporate strategy or sell side research. Join us for a discussion of the new market realities and what it means for IROs.

Speaker: Tim Quast is an Investor-Relations veteran and founder and President of Modern IR.