Date: 9/22/2023
Event start time: 8:00 AM
Event end time: 5:30 PM
Category: Chapter

Advances in digitalization are driving the world forward. Investor relations officers must continue to evolve alongside these advances in our technology frameworks. The 2023 IR Workshop will explore the opportunities and challenges of digitalization, including how artificial intelligence and other technology is transforming the ways companies communicate with investors and other stakeholders – and the potential for further disruption in the years ahead. Digitalization also can reshape how we conduct IR and manage crises, ESG matters and our relationships with the buy-side. This is an essential workshop for you to keep your IR program relevant and competitive in the next phase of the digital world. You’ll hear from industry thought leaders, participate in meaningful dialogue, enjoy outstanding in-person networking, and connect with service providers at our Exhibitor Showcase.

Highlights of the 2023 IR Workshop will include:
• From TV to Futures – Fireside Chat with Steve Grasso: Keynote speaker Steve Grasso,
chief executive officer of Grasso Global Inc., is a market analyst and institutional sales
trader, a regular contributor to CNBC’s Fast Money financial talk show, and a former NYSE
floor official and governor. Based on more than 30 years of trading experience, Grasso will
discuss his insights on policy, regulation and the future of the stock market during a fireside
chat moderated by Ruth Venning, IRC, executive director, investor relations and of the
environmental, social and governance (ESG) program at Horizon Therapeutics, as well as a
2023 NIRI Fellow.
• AI: Friend, Foe or Coworker? Artificial intelligence (AI) has arrived in the mainstream
workplace and using it could become a regular part of your workday. We’ll transform your
thinking about AI’s impact, including how AI and ChatGPT (along with other tools) will
become part of everyday work life, as well as the IR and career ramifications. This session
will share the top skills to learn and key technology takeaways to implement now.
• Flirting with Disaster: Managing Social Media Risks in Crises: In this interactive
exercise, crisis communication experts will engage participants on how to respond to an
escalating crisis.
• A Guide to Getting the Buy-Side’s Attention: Attracting new shareholders is not without
its obstacles, but experienced buy-side professionals will advise participants on the best
tactics to engage and attract the perfect investor in this session.
• ESG 2.0 – From Defense to Offense: Environmental, society and corporate governance
plays a growing role in differentiating stock decisions among Generation Z investors and
beyond. Panelists will share ESG strategies being deployed to attract long-term investors
while creating corporate value and contributing to positive change in the world.
• Persuasive Data Visualization: Your organization’s stock value depends in part on your
ability to persuasively present data-driven analyses and evidence. This hands-on workshop
will teach you how to clearly communicate your company’s investment appeal across
various channels.