Date: 5/9/2019
Event start time: 11:30 AM
Event end time: 1:00 PM
Category: Chapter

Practical Guidance for Your Company’s ESG Journey
As stakeholders’ interest in ESG-related risks and opportunities increase, the environmental, social and governance (ESG) information that is currently being disclosed by companies is under closer scrutiny.  Investors, customers, employees and communities representing various stakeholders now consider a company’s ESG performance as a measurement of management quality and signals of overall resilience to long-term risk as well as the ability to seize competitive opportunities.  
Integrating ESG disclosures into your long-term business strategy has never been more important. This presentation will focus on following an ESG road map to help successfully implement a measurable sustainability plan linked to corporate strategy, long-term value creation and materiality to guide the company’s ESG journey.  
Hear insight on:
•    What investors (asset owners and their managers) and other stakeholders are looking for when they examine your company's ESG Ratings and Ranking and Related Opinions
•    Navigating corporate ESG issues — performing an ESG materiality assessment
•    Building a map for the ESG journey — identifying available information and internal subject owners for developing decision-useful disclosures
•    Following the ESG disclosure path — using company-specific KPIs to articulate ESG strategy
•    Reaching your ESG goals — effectively communicating your ESG risks and long-term business strategy
•    Examples from innovative companies leading sustainability communications

Our speaker is John Truzzolino is the Director, Corporate Governance Services for DFIN Donnelley Financial Solutions.

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