Date: 9/29/2023
Event start time: 8:00 AM
Event end time: 9:00 AM
Category: Chapter
Price: Members – Complimentary; Non-Members - $20

Are you ready for the upcoming Proxy Season?
How did last year's process go?
Would you like to know more about how shares are actually voted?
In this webinar, Morrow Sodali’s experts will cover a variety of topics, including all things “street name” ownership-- at a time when over 80% of public company shares are owned indirectly in “street name,” understanding legal implications is pivotal.  They will explain the mechanics of proxy solicitation for this particular type of ownership versus direct registered ownership.  Our speakers will also break down the roles of proxy advisory firms, proxy solicitors, transfer agents, vote tabulators, and inspectors of election for a 360 view around the key players in proxy solicitation.
Other pressing topics include the rise of ESG in activism, a popular issue following the hottest summer on record, along with the EU’s Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and its effect on US companies.  Finally, our speakers will round out the discussion with the most recent developments with Universal Proxy Cards.
Speakers: Neil McCarthy, Senior Director, Sales Enablement & Business Development, Morrow Sodail; Geoffrey L. Weinberg, Managing Director in the firm’s M&A and Activism Advisory Group; Hasib Nasirullah, Senior Director, Consulting, FrameworkESG, a Morrow Sodali Company.