Date: 11/30/2023
Event start time: 4:30 PM
Event end time: 7:00 PM
Category: Chapter
Price: NIRI Members - Complimentary; Guests and Non-Members $40

Join NIRI San Diego and Biocom California for a captivating session on the banking collapse of 2023 and its profound impact on the life sciences industry. Delve into the challenges faced by start-ups, biotechs, and pharmaceutical companies in the wake of funding shortages and investor skepticism. Engage with industry experts as they explore the ripple effects and share valuable insights on navigating financial uncertainties. Discover the significance of diversification, risk assessment, and contingency planning for ensuring a resilient future in the ever-evolving life science landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to gain key takeaways and strategies for success in the face of adversity.

NIRI members can attend complimentary.  Email for promo code.