Date: 11/15/2017
Event start time: 12:00 PM
Event end time: 1:00 PM
Category: Chapter
Price: Virtual Chapter Members – Complimentary; VC Partner Program Member or Sponsors – Complimentary; Non-Virtual Chapter Member or Guests - $35.00

With passive investing on the rise and MiFID II changing the investment landscape, IROs need to be prepared for potential changes on the horizon. Join NIRI Virtual Chapter for a lively panel discussion, "The Impact of the Evolution of Sell Side Research" and learn how the regulatory environment will affect the broader investment community, how the shift towards passive investing will affect sell side research and how you can successfully maintain key sell side relationships.

•    John Nunziati, NIRI Virtual Chapter Board Member (former VP of Investor Relations at Nimble Storage)
•    Brendan Metrano, VP of Investor Relations at DHI Group (former sell side analyst)
•    Theodore O'Neill, VP Director of Investor Relations at Corbin Advisors (former sell side analyst)
•    Randall Reece, Director, Investor Relations & Strategy at AMN Healthcare (former sell side and buy side analyst)

If you are preparing for the IRC this year, this program will build on Domain 1: IR Strategy Formulation, Domain 4: Marketing and Outreach and Domain 6: Business Insight.