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The NIRI Senior Roundtable welcomes your interest. Senior Roundtable members belong to NIRI and are typically the senior-most investor relations professional in their companies with at least 10 years experience. Exceptions to these requirements may be made pending Senior Roundtable Steering Committee review. We invite you to apply for membership. Please contact Matt Brusch with questions.

To Apply


  • Annual Meeting in late November: content on the forefront of the profession mixed with engagement time with your peers
  • In-City Networking Meetings: local networking opportunities held in various U.S. cities
  • Annual Meeting content archive: replay of a few sessions
  • Senior Roundtable-exclusive eGroup: post questions to your peers, share documents, and connect one-to-one or one-to-many
  • Lowest rates for NIRI events: $200 off the current member price for Annual Conference
  • Special programs at Annual Conference offers great conversation and more networking time with your peers


The SRT membership shall be limited to 250 current and retired members of NIRI, in good standing with a minimum of ten years of experience in investor relations or directly related functions.

The SRT membership shall consist of individuals who serve as the senior investor relations person in their corporation or counselor firm. More than one practitioner from a public company may be eligible for SRT membership, as determined at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee. Such individuals may be deemed as the designate of the senior investor relations person at a public company (or pre-IPO company); or, are the second-in-charge investor relations person at a public company.

Generally, one person from a counselor firm may be eligible for SRT membership. Additional persons from a counselor firm may be eligible for SRT membership if approved by the Steering Committee. 

All applicants should make best efforts to submit their application with a recommendation from an existing SRT member in good standing. Applicants are encouraged to demonstrate a history of contributing to the IR profession through their volunteer involvement in NIRI.  

Applicants will be reviewed based on their placement in one of the following three categories: 1) investor relations practitioner, 2) counselor, and 3) other.

1) Investor relations practitioners are defined as persons at a public company whose primary responsibility is to fulfill investor relations duties. Practitioners are required to have 10 years of experience in investor relations or directly related functions. The Steering Committee will consider candidates with a minimum of six years of IR experience, where the candidate had primary responsibility for investor relations as long as that candidate also has at least four years of experience in a senior portfolio management position on the buy-side, or as a published analyst on the sell-side.

2) Counselors (also referred to as Consultants) are defined as persons performing investor relations duties for more than one public company at a time. Counselors must have an active client base and have 10 years of experience as a practitioner, whose primary responsibility is providing investor relations counsel to the C-suite and/or IROs of public companies. 

3) Other is defined as one of the following:

I. Current and past NIRI CEOs, past NIRI chairpersons still active in field, or NIRI Board of Directors during their term of office.

II. An SRT member whose role change results in performing primarily non-investor relations duties or a continuing SRT member who has retired and is performing no investor relations duties.

III. An individual who has made “extraordinary contributions” to the field of investor relations or the furthering of the profession itself, for more than 10 years.

Membership shall be extended and approved at the sole discretion of the Steering Committee, and all decisions regarding SRT membership by the Steering Committee are final.

All applications are reviewed by the Senior Roundtable Steering Committee. Applicants will be individually notified of the decision of the Steering Committee. The fee for Roundtable membership is $975, which is used to cover the costs related to the high-level programming and services available to the distinguished and space-limited group. The fee is processed only after the application is accepted and initially may cover only a portion of the first year of membership. This means that full annual SRT dues are assessed in the first year of membership regardless of the month you join SRT. Beginning in subsequent years, the NIRI Senior Roundtable fee is included in NIRI national membership invoices.