John Blaine

General Manager and Global Head of Corporate Services, AlphaSense

Photograph of John Blaine John Blaine is the general manager and global head of corporate services for AlphaSense — a technology company offering an intelligent search engine that provides a new standard for information discovery. John is a 20+ year Fintech veteran, working with companies focused on building and delivering tools to enhance workflow, deliver insights and generate alpha. Prior to joining AlphaSense in 2014, John was the Global Head of Quantitative Strategy and Head of Partners and Alliances at Thomson Reuters. John was previously with StarMine, who are best known for their groundbreaking work in rating and ranking analysts, before they were acquired by Thomson Reuters. Prior to that, John was with CCBN , who pioneered investor websites and communications through their StreetEvents platforms, and at First Call where he played key roles in enhancing the growth of services that have become instrumental to the marketplace. John is the co-author of the paper, Finding Value in Earnings Transcripts.