From Complexity to Clarity – Integrated Messaging Development

Monday, June 11, 2018 | 4:20PM - 5:20PM | Room: Margaux 1  |   Concurrent Round 3

 |  David Fine | John Sweeney, CFA, IRC |

Most investor communications and presentations contain reams of content and data – but leave investors unclear as to the key reasons to invest in the company. As the pace of change and demands on our time increase, corporate presentations are often created in a short time frame – without the strategic thinking needed to develop clear, compelling messages. 

​This session will present an overview of the messaging development process and how to build messages into the core investor presentation, focusing on the important message development “pre-work” that needs to happen before developing presentations and other communication materials. Utilizing a real-life example, the session will equip you with the tools to strengthen communications with the street and improve investor perceptions.

Learning Objectives; 
  • Gain an overview of the messaging development process and why it is important
  • Learn a clear message development framework and pragmatic tools to build compelling messages into the core investor presentation
  • Identify steps to generate a consistent message