IR Teams in Crisis – How to Build and Maintain Stakeholder Trust

Monday, June 11, 2018 | 3:10PM - 4:10PM | Room: Margaux 1  |   Concurrent Round 2

 |  Helio Fred Garcia |

Trust, whether among investors, regulators, employees, customers, or other stakeholders, is a function of fulfilling expectations. But too often in crisis leaders become self-protective, and inadvertently cause shareholders and others to lose trust and confidence in them. This session will focus on the drivers of trust, on ways to anticipate and inventory expectations of investors, and ways to make sure that investor expectations are met not only in the early phases of the crisis but as the crisis continues to unfold.

Learning Objectives: 
  • Understand the drivers of trust among investors and other stakeholders
  • Discover ways to meet stakeholder expectations through different stages of a crisis
  • Hear real-life examples of crisis situations – some that were managed well and others that were not