Concurrent Session: Using the Proxy as a Communications Tool: Getting to the FINISH LINE with Better Outcomes

Monday, June 11, 2018 | 1:20PM - 2:50PM | Room: Margaux 1  |   Workshop

 |  Theresa Molloy | Ted Allen | Christina Maguire | Aaron Bertinetti | Donald W. Cassidy |

Obtaining a proxy vote is a mission critical event for the IR and Legal teams. The proxy process has evolved to become a key communications tool as IR professionals partner with their General Counsels and other internal constituents to effectively connect with their shareholders and proxy advisory firms.  In addition, government regulation of the proxy advisory firms has intensified. This will be a three-part, interactive session where panelists will first demonstrate examples of enhanced proxies that improved communication among the company and shareholders, enhanced engagement with ISS and Glass Lewis, and ultimately led to a positive outcome for shareholder votes. Second, we will hear from a Glass Lewis representative to understand recent developments in their voting policies and what they look for when examining your proxy materials.  You will learn how to educate and inform proxy advisors on your corporate practices to encourage recommendation FOR your proposals. Finally, the panelists will discuss proxy “hot topics” related to proposed proxy reform.'

Learning Objectives:
  • Receive practical, productive advice on how best to communicate with your shareholders and proxy advisory firms via your proxy
  • Learn what criteria the proxy advisory firms utilize to arrive at vote recommendations and how best to engage and educate them
  • The opinions of corporates, NIRI and proxy advisors as it relates to proxy “hot topics” and proposed proxy reform