Daniela Bretthauer

Director of Investor Relations, Carrefour

Photograph of Daniela Bretthauer Daniela has broad professional experience in research, asset valuation and has acted in important transactions to raise equity and debt, M&A as well as identified new business opportunities for over a dozen companies and participated in some of Brazil largest and most important transactions in the consumer and retail sector in Brazil. Daniela worked as a sell-side analyst for 17 years covering retail and consumer sectors in Latin America. She worked for some of Latam largest and well-recognized banks, including Santander, Goldman Sachs, Citibank and Raymond James.

In 2013, Daniela transitioned to Investor Relations. Her first role as IRO was in Magazine Luiza where she worked for three years and restructured and repositioned the company's thesis, release materials and overall market communication. When Daniela joined Magazine Luiza (MGLU3) its shares were quoted at R$7.00 per share (market cap of about U$100 million) and when she left the shares were at R$100.00 (market cap of about U$1 billion). The shares have gone up more than fivefold since then, the company is valued at about U$5 billion in April 2018. Daniela joined Grupo Carrefour Brasil in June 2017, a month before the IPO as the director of Investor Relations. Carrefour Brasil's IPO was the largest in the Brazilian market since 2014. Carrefour Brasil (CRFB3) is the largest listed retailer in Brazil with a market cap of about U$9 billion at the end of April. Carrefour Brasil is also one of the 20 largest stocks listed in the Brazilian stock exchange by market cap terms.