Darren Marble

CEO, CrowdfundXv

Photograph of Darren Marble Darren Marble is the CEO of CrowdfundX (www.crowdfundx.io), a pioneering financial marketing firm serving corporations and entrepreneurs across a wide mix of industries and geographies. The company uses a combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and digital marketing to help its clients raise capital online in the most efficient and effective manner possible.  

Notably, under Darren’s leadership, CrowdfundX marketed historic Reg A+ IPOs to NASDAQ (FAT Brands), NYSE (Myomo), and OTC Markets Group (Elio Motors), respectively. It was during the Myomo campaign that CrowdfundX developed "Dara" - the world's first AI Investor Marketing Engine.

Darren was recently elected to the Board of Directors with the Crowdfunding Professional Association and is a Co-Founder of the Crowd Invest Summit. A compelling public speaker, he has presented to such organizations as the Stanford Graduate School of Business, the USC Marshall School of Business and UC Irvine. Darren is a Contributor for Business Insider, and his insights have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, and the Los Angeles Business Journal, among others.