Jenifer Taylor

Portfolio Manager, MAC Funds

Photograph of Jenifer Taylor Jenifer Taylor is the founder and Portfolio Manager of MAC Fund I LP, and Micro-Caps Asset Management LP, a micro-cap, value-oriented fund launched in October 2016.  The fund focuses on companies under one billion in market capitalization and is a fundamental, bottoms up approach that encapsulates her long history of fund experience and analytical work in the smallest companies in US equities market. 

Prior to MAC Fund I, LP, Jenifer spent 16 years at Royce & Associates (“Royce”).  During her tenure at Royce, Jenifer worked on all the dedicated micro-cap products and served as Portfolio Manager for over 10 years on the Royce Micro-Cap Fund, Royce Capital Micro-Cap Fund, Royce Institutional Micro-Cap. In addition, she was Assistant Portfolio Manager on the Royce International Micro-Cap Fund, now the International Discovery Fund, at its initial launch.  Prior to Royce, Jenifer spent four years as an analyst for the AWM Investment Company’s Special Situations Funds, a 30 plus year old hedge fund based out of New York City that also focused on the micro-cap segment.  Jenifer’s early career was spent in the brokerage sell-side research departments at bulge bracket and boutique firms in New York.  Jenifer graduated from Boston University with an BA in Economics.