Paul Krikler

CEO, Krikler Consulting

Photograph of Paul Krikler Paul Krikler is a communications and presentations skills consultant focused on training investment and corporate professionals to express their ideas succinctly. His principal focus is working with Investment Professionals in Investment Banks, Hedge Funds, Mutual Funds and Private Equity Funds to distill their views into focused, compelling and actionable messages. He developed his approach and expertise over 21 years at Goldman, Sachs in London and New York, first as a research analyst and then in research management and analyst presentation training.

Since 2009, he has refined his methods at his consultancy, Krikler Inc. His clients include many of the largest global investment banks and investment funds, along with leading private investors and public and private company managements.  Paul is a Chartered Accountant, with a degree in Natural Sciences from Cambridge University. He lives with his wife and three children in New York City.