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Demonstrate Your Thought Leadership at the World's Largest Gathering of the IR Community

NIRI invites you to submit a proposal for a session at the upcoming 2019 Annual Conference, June 2-5, 2019, in Phoenix, AZ. Anyone may submit a proposal. Individuals who are selected to speak must register for the Annual Conference. The selection of sessions is a competitive process, so closely reviewing and following the instructions and selection criteria will strengthen your proposal.

NIRI seeks to continuously improve and produce the best possible Annual Conference experience for attendees. By innovating and welcoming fresh thinking, our goal is to create an informative and memorable event, so be creative in your proposals.

NIRI’s objective is to provide a balanced program that meets the variety of interests and experience levels of conference attendees. The Annual Conference will include general sessions and concurrent sessions focused on five broad categories or educational tracks. The session categories are based on the IR Competency Framework and rooted in the IR Body of Knowledge, which describes the competencies and knowledge essential to performing the investor relations function. The five categories include:   

  • IR Strategy and Planning
  • Marketing Outreach & Stakeholder Communications
  • Financial Reporting and Regulatory Compliance
  • Business Insight and the Capital Markets
  • Corporate Governance, Board Relations, and Strategic Collaboration

More information about session categories is available in the Call for Proposals Overview. You may also submit a proposal that does not fit into these categories (e.g., Professional Development, Career Management, Technology & Innovation, Global, etc.), however, we will have limited session slots available for these.

Proposal System and Process

Session proposals will be accepted between October 23 and November 18, 2018. Proposals will be reviewed between November and January, and submitters will be notified by January 11, 2019, whether their proposal has been accepted.
NIRI’s proposal submission system is an online process which does not allow submitters to begin, save work, and return at a later time to finish. It is recommended that proposals be created in word processing software first, and then pasted into the online system to prevent losing your work due to possible internet connection or power failures. A complete proposal includes the following fields. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

  1. Title (Limit 75 characters): A succinct and interesting description of your session.   
  2. Primary Category and Secondary Category (if applicable):
    • IR Strategy and Planning
    • Marketing Outreach & Stakeholder Communications
    • Financial Reporting and Regulatory Compliance
    • Business Insight and the Capital Markets
    • Corporate Governance, Board Relations, and Strategic Collaboration
    • Other (Professional Development/Career Management/Technology & Innovation/Global, etc.)
  3. Session Format: Identify the format of your session from the following options: General Session, Structured/Panel; Story Telling; Topic Vignettes; Discussion Group Sessions; Edutainment; Workshop/Case Studies. More information about session formats is available in the Call for Proposals Overview.
  4. Target Audience: Select the level of experience attendees of this session should have – Foundational (new to IR), Applied (mid-career), or Strategic (experienced).
  5. Proposal Narrative (Limit 4000 characters, ~400 words): The proposal narrative is the primary document used by reviewers in selecting NIRI conference sessions. Clearly explain why the issue is compelling to the IR community (and why now) and the proposed structure/flow of the session.   
  6. Session Abstract (Limit 1000 characters, ~100 words): The session abstract will be used by attendees in selecting a session to attend. Concisely state the issue to be addressed, its importance to the field, the main takeaways of the session.
  7. Learning Objectives (Limit 1000 characters, ~100 words): Please provide a minimum of two participant learning outcomes in the format, i.e., "Attendees will…".
  8. Proposed Lead Speaker/Moderator and Co-Speakers/Panelists (Name, title, company, and contact information for each)
  9. Speaker(s) Experience (Limit 1500 characters, ~150 words): Describe how each speaker's experience/knowledge makes them uniquely qualified to present the proposed content. Be specific about the expertise related to the sessions (e.g. specific experience, other related presentations or reports).   

Note: Sponsored Sessions are scheduled separately and should not be submitted through the proposal process. Contact NIRI professional development if you have questions or would like to sponsor a session.

Review Process and Selection Criteria

Session proposals will be reviewed by members of the 2019 Annual Conference Committee (ACC). Committee members are recruited and selected through an annual call for volunteers and are a representative sample of NIRI’s membership and the broader IR community. Proposals are evaluated by ACC members on the following criteria.
  • Is it well-defined? Clearly stated description, purpose, and learning objectives
  • Is it compelling? Timeliness/relevance of the subject matter and alignment with the IR Competency Framework
  • Is it accessible? Adaptability of concept(s) to a variety of settings (industry, size, career level)
  • Is it effective? Likelihood of achieving stated learning objectives through the intended session format, including allocation of session time
  • Is it the right person/people? Appropriateness/effectiveness of presenters
  • Is it experiential? Top-rated sessions typically involve attendees in the experience which facilitates learning, and creates lasting, positive memories
Proposals are then ranked based on reviewer ratings. Additional screening may be required to balance the overall program in terms of topics, target audience, and session format. Not all sessions will be accepted. Additional items are also taken into consideration by the ACC Chair, Vice Chairs, and NIRI staff when making final selections.
Additional selection criteria may include:   
  • The number of additional proposals submitted by an individual and the outcome of those proposals;   
  • The number of sessions submitted by other individuals from the same institution, and the outcome of those proposals;
  • Potential promotional commercial interests in the session or proposed speakers. All proposals should be approached from a thought leadership, rather than promotional perspective.

Terms and Conditions

The submitter acknowledges and agrees to the following terms and conditions when submitting a session proposal:
  • The speaker(s) identified in the submission have or will obtain rights to use intellectual property, thoughts, concepts, or reproductions provided with the submission and ultimately presented in any final form. See Speaker Agreement for full details.
  • Speakers agree to demonstrate thought leadership without promotion of products or services.
  • Submitter may be contacted with regards to the submission to: verify information; expand on session topic or concept; or, consider session reformatting, combine with another session, or change speakers.
  • Session is submitted with the permission of listed/suggested speakers.
  • Speakers are responsible for all related expenses, including travel and accommodation.
  • Speakers who are IR professionals or service providers or in an IR-related role will not receive a complimentary registration to the conference. They must register and pay to attend.
  • Sessions are accepted at the discretion of the National Investor Relations Institute and its member-based Annual Conference Committee.

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How to Submit

1. Read and understand the Call for Proposals Overview.
2. Develop your session concept and identify the session format, category, and target audience.
3. Follow instructions to submit your proposal online.

Proposals will be accepted until Sunday, November 18, 2018, at 11:59pm E.T. Incomplete proposals will not be considered.

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Tips for a Successful Submission

1. Be creative
2. Submit complete and fully developed session concepts
3. Include practitioners in sessions
4. No promotion of products or services


Watch our short webinar for more information.

Contact the NIRI Conference team at or 703-562-7680.