Click Here: Enhancing Shareholder Engagement with Digital Tools

Monday, June 3, 2019 | 3:00PM - 4:00PM | Room: Grand Sonoran H  |   Marketing Outreach & Stakeholder Communications

 |  Anne Chapman | Nils Paellmann | Brian P. Rivel | Ian Koenig | Heather Davis |

Technology is changing how communications strategies are being developed and executed across industries and market caps. Using real, market-tested examples, this workshop will explore how to enhance your investor relations program through new technologies, social media and digital tools and leverage them across stakeholder groups, including with media and employees. IR practitioners will share how they have demonstrated bold leadership in communications with innovative digital tools and by successfully integrating IR and PR strategies and tactics. A former shareholder will share how digital tools can play a role in corporate governance and investment decision-making process. Data driven, the workshop will also include findings from recent work that quantified the impact technology can have on a company’s proxy and investment thesis.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn actionable takeaways that will help your management team embrace and incorporate technology into your IR program to help tell your story more effectively
  • Receive an overview of the digital tools available to improve all aspects of shareholder engagement, including social media
  • Hear firsthand from prominent IROs and communications experts how incorporating technology into their IR programs helped them successfully improve engagement with investors and other stakeholders
  • Learn how to collaborate across functions within your organization (including communications, legal, etc.) and leverage IR tools across platforms
  • Learn how to “pitch” ideas that “break the IR mold” to your Board and/or management team