Best Practices for Earnings Press Releases

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 | 12:15PM - 1:15PM | Room: Grand Sonoran H  |   Lunch and Learn

 |  Evan Schnidman | Alexandra Deignan | Michael Becker | Joe Carroll |

Business Wire and its expert panelists will share best practice strategies and tactics related to the creation and dissemination of earnings releases. We will take a deep look at today’s earnings and financial reporting landscape and outline ways those involved in the earnings release process can more effectively communicate their company’s messaging, while adhering to best practices. Included in this candid conversation will be an overview of the post-dissemination environment and how the construction of a press release is a critical component for downstream consumption.

Learning Objectives:
  • Strategies for more effective communication of the earnings release
  • Why construction of the earnings press release is as important as its content
  • Understand the ecosystem for downstream consumption of your content

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