The Future of IR – Trusted Strategic Advisor

Monday, June 3, 2019 | 11:00AM - 11:30AM | Room: Grand Saguaro  |   General Session

 |  Lee M. Ahlstrom, IRC | Lynn Antipas Tyson | Smooch Repovich Reynolds | Dorothy Flynn |

The Think Tank on the Future of Investor Relations was conceived of as a bold new opportunity in conjunction with the celebration of NIRI’s 50th anniversary to look forward to the future of the investor relations (IR) profession and identify potential pathways for success. Guided by this lofty ideal, the NIRI Board of Directors convened the Think Tank in mid-2018, assembling 12 thought leaders who embarked on this exploration. While the group did not try to achieve the impossible – predicting the future – it did set out to consider a range of possible futures and the implications for IR practitioners. Join Think Tank Chair Lynn Antipas Tyson, Vice-Chair Smooch Reynolds, and members Lee Ahlstrom and Dorothy Flynn for a discussion of the group’s work and what may be ahead for the IR profession.