The Shareholder Activism Experience

Tuesday, June 4, 2019 | 1:30PM - 2:30PM | Room: Grand Sonoran H  |   Corporate Governance, Board Relations, and Strategic Collaboration

 |  Andrew Siegel | Felicia Vonella | Jennifer Beugelmans | Pamela Codo-Lotti | Meredith Cole, CFA |

Leading activists and activist “wannabes” continue to employ new strategies and tactics in the public (and private) arenas. From using Twitter to digital advertising, the activist communications landscape is always changing – how can you be prepared?

In this interactive session, learn from your from your fellow IROs who have dealt with an activist in their own stock and participate in a lively, interactive discussion in which the panelists – and you, the audience – will be challenged to navigate the complex communications and governance issues associated with shareholder activism. Through live polling, you and your peers will be asked to weigh in on the right steps to take when confronted by an aggressive, high-profile activist. Come prepared to think critically, share your perspective and have fun. Working through realistic scenarios with your peers will better equip you to advise your management team – and Board – of the critical role IR and communications should play when facing an activist investor demanding change at your company.

Learning Objectives:
  • Attendees will learn how to deter shareholder activism at their company, through a better understanding of:
    • How activists position themselves publicly and use PR to their advantage
    • How and why activists target certain companies
    • The ever-changing tactics activists use to advance their cases publicly.
  • Attendees will also gain:
    • Important insights into recent trends and developments in shareholder activism and shareholder engagement
    • A better understanding of the interplay between ESG factors and shareholder activism
    • Perspective on how to respond if your company is contacted by an activist, and how to defend your company in the event of a proxy contest