Sharpen your skills with world-class finance coursework designed for IR professionals and corporate communicators

NIRI has partnered with FinanceTalking to deliver courses on key financial topics in an accessible way for non-finance specialists and designed specifically for corporate communicators and IR professionals.

Offered multiple times a year, these interactive live courses are designed to help you understand the financial concepts you need to communicate your company’s financial story effectively and participate fully in C-suite discussions. Choose from 1-day or 2-day seminars focused on the financial skills most important to IR professionals in the evolving environment.

Understanding Capital Markets (1 day)

  • Whether you are just getting started in IR or corporate communications, or if you need a better understanding of capital markets and audiences in order to be more effective in a corporate communications role, this course is a must. You will come away with an understanding of how the capital markets big picture fits together, how and why companies issue shares and bonds, how they are traded, and how listed companies are expected to communicate. (Available in New York in November)

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Understanding Earnings (1 day)

  • If you work with earnings as part of your IR or corporate communications role, but are not a finance specialist, then this course is for you. In just one day, we will help you understand accounting information, be able to identify headline points and raise the pertinent questions around earnings, all by looking through the eyes of your target audiences. (Future offerings coming soon)

Understanding Capital Markets and Finance Essentials are offered back-to-back and designed as complementary curriculum. You can take each course separately as it suits your own training needs, or take both courses together for a more intensive learning experience.

IRC® credential holders can earn up to 3 professional development units (PDUs) per day. More information is available at

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  • Finance Essentials - January 2019

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