NIRI Releases First Think Tank Report on AI in IR

 NIRI Think Tank in IRNIRI released its first examination of the influence of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation technologies on the investor relations (IR) profession. A product of IR community thought leaders, this report represents NIRI’s second formal Think Tank study, exploring forces that drive societal and professional transformation so that NIRI and its stakeholders can anticipate and prepare. It ultimately represents a clear call to action to develop the capabilities required to work effectively in a world with greatly increased automation.

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About the NIRI Think Tank

The NIRI Board of Directors has charged the members of NIRI’s annual, topic-specific Think Tank with creating thought leadership that will better enable NIRI, IR practitioners and IR stakeholders plan for and respond to change. This annual Think Tank process generates ideas for content, programs, services and products that help NIRI to better serve the IR community. The resulting recommendations and other direction-setting advice are of value to IR stakeholders for years to come.

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