Rewriting the Investor Day Playbook: Executing a Successful Virtual Event

April 30, 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time

How to hold a successful virtual investor day is a question on many IROs minds. Traditional “in-person” investor days have quickly transformed into virtual events that provide IROs with new opportunities to communicate critical messaging in creative ways. A panel of experts will discuss practical advice on how to host a compelling “virtual investor day.” You will learn which keys to success remain the same for in-person and virtual events, what needs to be done differently, and how to effectively prepare management to present well on video. You also will hear from an IRO who held a successful and innovative virtual investor day.

  • David Calusdian, President, Sharon Merrill Associates
  • David Fine, Principal, Fine Communications
  • Mark Grant, Vice President, Investor Relations, GoDaddy Inc.
  • Maureen Wolff, CEO, Sharon Merrill Associates (moderator)