Building Trust with an Effective IR and Corporate Website

August 27, 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time

As society continues to change, as investors become more connected and concerned, the IR and corporate website must engage more than traditional investment audiences. It must connect with opinion formers, employees, consumers, ‘citizen activists,’ and build a corporate narrative grounded in trust. But in recent years, corporate trust has been eroding, and according to recent surveys, is now non-existent. To rebuild and drive confidence in business during these uncertain times, effective communication is more vital than ever. And it starts online.  


Learning Objectives:
  • How to measure your IR & corporate website for alignment with key initiatives in 2020: trust, purpose, reputation, sustainability
  • How to measure your corporate narrative for stakeholder audiences: investors, the media, job seekers
  • How to measure the delivery and reach of that corporate narrative
  • How the leaders do it right, who is setting the new benchmark
  • What you can do to build trust and empower more effective communications through your own IR & corporate website
  • Luke Bishop, VP, Strategic Growth, Investis Digital
  • Rachael Zahn, VP, Marketing and Sales Optimization, Investis Digital