Recent Developments in Proxy Reform and Implications for Investor Relations

September 3, 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time

Major changes to proxy rules may be coming as the SEC considers and finalizes multiple proposals related to proxy reform. Join our live webinar for an overview of what's ahead and how investor relations practitioners can be prepared.

We'll discuss the SEC's final rules on proxy advisory firms and how this will change the way companies engage with proxy advisors and institutional investors. We'll also look at the SEC's proposed rules on shareholder proposals and discuss the expected impact on companies if it is finalized. We will also examine the SEC's plans to modernize the proxy system: will the SEC address end-to-end vote confirmation or update the OBO-NOBO rules to make it easier for companies to communicate with their investors?  Finally, we'll look ahead to the 2021 proxy season and the possibility of having to hold virtual shareholder meetings, and what companies can be doing now to prepare.


  • Ted Allen, Vice President, Communications and Member Engagement, NIRI (moderator)
  • Paul Conn, President, Global Capital Markets, Computershare
  • Niels Holch, Partner, Holch & Erickson
  • Darla Stuckey, President & CEO, Society for Corporate Governanc