Investor Days: Expertise, Strategies, and Tactics to Maximize Your ROI

October 4, 2018
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time

According to Corbin Advisors' proprietary research, 94% of investors report Investor Days are a valuable use of their time but exceeding their expectations is what differentiates good from great events and leads to true value creation.

What is the preferred location and format?
What presentation approach has the most positive influence on sentiment and understanding?
What are the most common investor day planning and execution pitfalls?
What do investors value most and least?
How can you achieve maximum management buy-in and elevate your own professional brand?
Find out what ultimate success looks like from experienced IR professionals and consultants.  This research-based, interactive panel discussion covers buy-side research, best and worst practices and actionable recommendations.

Learning Objectives:
  • Optimal process and event planning – strategy and tactics
  • Best practices regarding presentation development, event format and presenter delivery
  • Optimizing management engagement and buy-in
  • Connie Weaver, Co-founder and CEO, Tracker Group
  • Clay Bilby, IRC, Director of Investor Relations, Keysight Technologies
  • Bill Pitts, CPA, Director, Investor Relations, Barnes Group
  • Thang To, CFA & CPA, VP and Director of Investor Relations, Corbin Advisors
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