The Changing Nature of Activism

Monday, June 11, 2018 | 1:20PM - 2:50PM | Room: Margaux 2  |   Workshop

 |  Eric Koefoot | Richard J. Grossman | Quentin Koffey | David Hunker |

In this blended session, hear from a panel of experts followed by an interactive workshop.

Part 1: Panel Discussion - While the number of activist funds has increased, the bulk of the assets under management remains concentrated in major activist funds. However, a relatively new entrant to the landscape – the “reluctivist” is gathering steam, as traditional money managers are taking more of an activist role with companies. A critical piece of being prepared for a brand crisis is building consistent and accurate data about your brand and reputation before a problem hits.

Part 2: Interactive Workshop - The audience will be asked to join groups, and the workshop leader will pose several activist scenarios (“case studies”) to be discussed and evaluated by the teams. The teams will be encouraged to evaluate vulnerabilities, predict likely activists, proactively prepare executive leadership, and develop a multi-step plan to defend against activist shareholders.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn strategies to identify an activist and where they might be vulnerable to an attack
  • Understand how to spot “reluctivists” in the shareholder base and better understand modus operandi
  • Participate in two workshop activities to actively identify and engage an activist