Daniel Romito

Global Head of Investor Analytics , Nasdaq

Photograph of Daniel Romito As Global Head of Investor Analytics, Dan Romito’s responsibilities include overseeing Nasdaq’s Strategic Capital Intelligence team, Insight360 Analytics Platform, ESG/Index consulting and managing a global roster of advisory clients. His advisory work focuses on consulting management teams across the globe on optimizing capital allocation strategies, mitigating risk within their shareholder base and identifying opportunistic investors. Dan also created the “Activist Diagnostic,” a quant model that gauges the vulnerability of a corporate client based on their respective fundamental and ESG profile. 

His expertise centers on executing an array of capital deployment analyses along with overseeing Nasdaq Advisory’s Event Analytics capabilities. Dan’s research on the effects of Index Ownership, Shareholder Activism and ESG-focused investing has been presented to a variety of NIRI and Finance panels across North America, Europe & APAC and has been implemented into the analyses his Strategic Capital Intelligence team provides to global clients. 

His recommendations have also been adopted by a variety of Boards, including Nasdaq’s. Dan is a recipient of Nasdaq’s CEO Platinum and Silver Award for his work modeling out internal capital structure strategies and commercializing a suite of new targeting deliverables, most notably, Nasdaq’s Biotech & Small Cap Investor Analytics services. His Thought Leadership pieces on Activism, ESG and Index Investing has also been featured in a variety of periodicals, including Harvard Business Review, CNBC, Global Investor Magazine and IR Magazine. He received a BA from the University of Chicago, an MBA in Finance from DePaul University, is a Level 3 CFA Candidate, an adjunct professor at Carthage College, is responsible for teaching financial strategy to Non-Finance Executives for the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management, and is pursuing a Master’s Degree in Applied Financial Mathematics from the University of Chicago.