From "Steak" to "Sizzle": Maximizing Impact in Investor Day Presentations

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 | 11:35AM - 11:55AM | Room: Sheraton Ballroom  |   Express Talk

 |  Harry Shah |

Crafting a winning presentation for Investor Day is crucial for every IRO. The key to success is striking the right balance between 'steak' (substance) and 'sizzle' (style). In this 20-minute session, you'll learn to blend compelling messaging and bold design for maximum engagement and impact. 

Discover the essential ingredients for 'steak': identify your main message, structure your Investor-day agenda and story, and create easy-to-digest slides. Equally important, learn to incorporate 'sizzle' via modern, visually appetizing design. Real-world slides will be shared to bring the learnings home.

Join us to walk away with a winning recipe for your next Investor Day presentation.

This session is sponsored by OUTKREATE.