The Evolution of the Sell Side Continues: What Does IR Need to Know?

Wednesday, June 7, 2023 | 3:30PM - 4:20PM | Room: Chicago 9  |   Education Session

 |  Charlie Phippen | Michael J. Harrison, CFA | Rupert Della-Porta | Lucia Domville |

A confluence of factors impacting the sell side business model has resulted in decades worth of change happening in just a few years.  An uneven global regulatory environment, the pandemic, new technologies, frightening global geopolitics, domestic political and policy turmoil, and a shift in the economics between the buy side and sell side, has increased turnover in the sales and analyst seats, materially changed the value of research and corporate access, and altered both the way the sell side will have to service their clients and how the buy side will get access to content critical to the investment process.

Understanding these changes will be key to staying ahead of the impact on investor relations. We will investigate the changes to research coverage and what the future holds for both companies with many covering analysts, and those looking to get more research coverage.  We will cover the emergence of paid-for research providers and how they are filling the increasing gap in coverage in-particular for small-cap companies. We will look at the perception of paid-for research on the buy side and what its future holds.

We will also look at how Corporate Access is evolving, both the economic drivers of meetings, how the changes in sell side relationships impact targeting, and the increase in direct connectivity to the buy side.