The 2021 IRO ‘Digital Agenda’: Trends and Practical Advice for IR and Corporate Websites

March 25, 2021
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time

What should be on your digital priority list for 2021?  How will you get internal buy-in and support for those initiatives? Better yet, how will you get them done – and how can you continue to build stakeholder relationships in a virtual world?

To find out, Investis Digital collaborated with NIRI to survey the key initiatives top of mind with IR professionals along with over 1,000 IR and corporate websites to study how it’s done best. Watch this webinar to hear the results from that research along with practical advice from your IR peers on how to get the job done.

About the Research: The study of IRO digital priorities examined how well websites of public companies align with the needs of investor relations professionals. The results underscore the importance of the corporate website and also the magnitude of the opportunity for websites to support investor relations teams more than they are now. For instance:
  • 59 percent of IR professionals said that their IR and/or corporate websites have either a large or major impact on their IR efforts.
  • But only 18 percent believe their IR and/or corporate websites reflect their IR efforts very well. About 43 percent believe that their sites reflect their IR efforts only “moderately well.”

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the importance and impact of the IR & Corporate websites on IR activities
  • Key Initiatives on the ‘2021 Digital Agenda’ for other IR professionals
  • See examples from the most effective IR & Corporate Websites and hear practical advice from a panel of your IR peers
  • Learn how you can evaluate your own IR & Corporate Website
  • Luke Bishop, VP Strategic Development, Investis Digital
  • Lisa Hartman, Senior Vice President, Head of Investor Relations, Redwood Trust
  • Laura Kiernan, CEO & Founder, High Touch Investor Relations
  • Gregg Lampf, IRC, Vice President, Investor Relations, Ciena Corporation
  • Rachael Zahn, VP Marketing Optimization, Investis Digital (moderator)