Leveraging the Power of Retail Investors: Your Company’s Invested Ambassadors

June 11, 2020
2:00pm - 3:00pm Eastern Time

Knowing and engaging with your shareholders is central to the investor relations function. As this focus is traditionally on institutional investors, retail investors are often deprioritized in terms of IR planning and outreach. But retail investors are often not only shareholders – they are customers and brand ambassadors, and can be an important component of the broader stakeholder base.
This webinar explores how investor relations practitioners can take a more proactive approach to better understanding their company’s retail investors by aligning with their marketing and corporate governance teams. By leveraging the relationship between the customer and investor bases and the respective business functions that liaise with them, IR practitioners can foster a deeper relationship and greater dialogue with retail investors, ensuring greater stability and liquidity to your stock. 

  • Jay Benjamin, Co-founder and Creative Director, Hundred Percent; Advisor to Stockperks
  • Doug Wilburne, retired IRO, former Chair of NIRI National and NIRI Fellow
  • Michael Rosen, Head of Capital Markets Engagement, CEO Investor Forum, Chief Executives for Corporate Purpose (CECP)
  • Nicole Maselli, Stockperks (moderator)