22 Tips for IR Events: The Best of Investor Days, Earnings & Road Shows

Sunday, June 5, 2022 | 2:30PM - 2:50PM | Room: Ensemble C  |   Express Talk

 |  Harriet Hall | Rachael Zahn | Frank Persia |

In-Person? Hybrid? Virtual? Recruiting? Reporting? Rewarding? What are investors, analysts and other stakeholders expecting of IR events, now in a post-COVID world? And how do you plan a successful event that will attract audiences and drive a return on your efforts?

Find out what your audiences expect in today’s age with a variety of IR events and engagements, from Investor Days to NDRs, Earnings Releases, ESG/Sustainability Campaigns and other public announcements. Then, see innovative implementation and brilliant use cases for planning, hosting and reporting on these events. In this talk, you’ll hear 22 tips that come from the best of IR events in 2022, all in 20 minutes or less.

This session will cover:
•    Answers to frequently asked questions about IR Events
•    Tips for planning, recruitment, hosting and reporting on IR Events
•    The Best IR Events of 2022 and beyond

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