The Mystery Behind Quiet Periods

Monday, June 6, 2022 | 2:00PM - 2:50PM | Room: Ensemble B  |   Education Session

 |  John Pitfield | Daniel Amir | Mark Kinarney | Lucia Domville |

This session will focus on the relevance of establishing quiet periods to comply with US regulation, including timeframe, definitions and audiences impacted by the quiet periods restrictions. It will address standard practices across different industries, how/when quiet periods are imposed and who is involved in determining the timing and definition of quiet periods.  In addition, the session will address any implication for violating quiet periods and whether it results in fines or trading suspension or other penalties. Panelists will address the different quiet periods, ranging from a typical earnings cycle to a transaction, whether it is an IPO or M&A.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn about the different types of quiet periods and the rationale behind quiet periods
  • Understand the implications for issuers around quiet periods and the challenges of not having a defined corporate practice
  • Understand the role of IRO around the quiet periods, and how an IRO can play a crucial role in regulatory compliance