What IROs Think about the State of ESG Collaboration & Reporting

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 | 12:15PM - 12:30PM | Room: Momentum  |   Express Talk

 |  John Truzzolino |

ESG reporting typically requires a cross-functional team approach, with IR playing a central role. During Q-4 of 2021 DFIN & NIRI jointly surveyed NIRI corporate IRO members on a range of ESG topics affecting them professionally, their companies’ current ESG practices & reporting, & anticipated future state. This Express Talk will focus on: How knowledgeable do IRO’s consider themselves about ESG and their company practices? Which internal functions are most frequently involved in ESG collaboration? Is there a gap between companies having good ESG practices, and doing an equally good job in ESG reporting (the results may surprise you!) What percent of companies report that their boards have ESG oversight? As ESG reporting becomes more data driven, and expected increased SEC scrutiny, will the Controller and Financial Reporting teams get more involved? Do companies presently have and use purpose-built ESG data management platforms?

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