Why Access to Real-Time Analyst Model Revisions Matters

Monday, June 6, 2022 | 12:40PM - 12:55PM | Room: Momentum  |   Express Talk

 |  Joe Zeidman |

Without real-time access to analyst revisions of deep estimates, investor relations professionals are missing critical information. In an analysis using Visible Alpha's data, we set out to understand when and how often analysts revise estimates across companies in the S&P 500 during a fiscal quarter, and how these revisions impact consensus data.

Here’s what we found:
  • There is a continuous flow of both analyst and consensus revisions throughout the quarter.
  • 32% of all analyst revisions recorded for a company during its entire quarter happen within a day of the earnings call. Any snapshot that takes longer than one week – or even longer than the first day – puts you at an information disadvantage.
  • Almost 50% of all consensus revisions in the quarter are captured between two weeks after an earnings call and two weeks prior to the next.
Learn why there is substantial value for you to receive and consume sell-side analyst models in as close to real-time as possible throughout the quarter.

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