Importance of IR Following the De-SPAC Process

Tuesday, June 7, 2022 | 3:30PM - 4:20PM | Room: Ensemble C  |   Education Session

 |  J. Adam Rogers | Sara Buda | Lynne Maxeiner | Douglas Kris, IRC |

With nearly 450 currently active SPACs the need to move swiftly and efficiently through de-SPAC proccess is critical. The session will explore the importance of the IR role during this transitional period.  What are the potential challenges, when to bring in the IRO position from a non-public company perspective, establishing new investor relationships and dealing with both PIPE transaction and original SPAC investors. In addition, how to quickly establish the IR workflow when transitioning to a public reporting company framework.

Learning Objectives:
  • Learn the mechanics of the de-SPAC process
  • How to work work proxy solictors regarding the voting process
  • Strategy development from a new public company persepctive
  • Understanding the various stakeholders- PIPE investors, SPAC investors, private company owner