How Do You Measure IR Success?

Monday, June 6, 2022 | 1:00PM - 1:50PM | Room: Ensemble A  |   Education Session

 |  Jacob Sayer | Tom Barth | Lisa Hartman | Elizabeth M. Higashi, CFA |

Ever wonder the best way to measure success in IR? Well, we’ve got the answers. In this session, we’ll walk through how the C-suite and boards determine IR success and discuss what has worked well for veteran IR professionals. We’ll also discuss top KPIs used to track progress and how to build an investor base with the ultimate mix of long-term investors. This session will help you develop a steadfast plan that you can present to your organization’s leaders.      

Learning Objectives:
  • Determine the best measures of success
  • Develop an action plan for talking to your leader
  • Ensuring you are comfortable with measurable goals.