IR professionals spend large amounts of time crafting and presenting the story—make the most of that time with this highly-recommended seminar

Strong writing skills are essential for every investor relations professional, particularly when demand for clarity and simplicity of financial documents is increasing.

Whether you are new to IR or a veteran, this interactive session will help you express your thoughts with impact. Learn fresh tips for writing the annual chairman's letter to stockholders, conference call scripts, and earnings releases.

This workshop will review important principles and techniques of clear, efficient writing. Through examples and practical exercises, you will learn to recognize good writing and increase your confidence by knowing what to look for when you edit copy.

IRC™ credential holders can earn up to 4 professional development units (PDUs) per day. More information is available at

Agenda Overview
  •     Beginning the writing process: the road map and executive interviews
  •     Writing an effective earnings release: common flaws and how to avoid them
  •     Writing other IR documents: Chairman's letter, conference call script, etc.
  •     Key elements of readability: techniques to clear writing

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